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Client Information
Company: Yukon Wild
Address: 4-1114 First Avenue
City: Whitehorse
State/Province: Yukon
Zip/Postal Code: Y1A 1A3
Country: Canada
Phone: 867-668-3369
Fax: 867-668-3370
Web Site:
Information & Reservations: 867-668-3369
Owner: Non-profit
Company Media Contact: Paula Pawlovich
Phone: 1-867-393-3580
What is Yukon Wild?

The Yukon Territory is a spectacular region in northwestern Canada with beautiful vistas and sights around every corner including wildlife on mountainsides, in fields or by the side of the road, snow-capped peaks and inviting rivers and lakes that go on forever.


Yukon Wild is a consortium of over 30 independent companies offering some of the premier wilderness trips in the Yukon and surrounding areas.


The consortium's goal is to provide adventurous travelers with a central source of information about the range of activities that are possible in the North—one of the world's last true wilderness destinations.


Yukon Wild provides visitors with overviews of 15 different activity categories and allows easy comparisons between alternative types and styles of available adventures.


Yukon Wild is staffed and directed by the Wilderness Tourism Association of the Yukon.

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Go Wild With Yukon Wild

From southeast Alaska to the Arctic and from Kluane National Park to the heart of the Klondike, the Yukon is at the Northern most tip of Canada and is accessible from Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary directly.

The Yukon has thousands of acres of forests, hills, lakes and mountains with no sign of people in any direction.

Experience the heavenly northern lights (aurora borealis) from the same pristine wilderness where Jack London might have stood more than a hundred years ago.

Fish the pure waters of the Yukon or run one of fourteen amazing rivers on a raft, canoe or sea kayak or pick from thirteen pristine lakes on which to boat.

Explore more than 280,000 acres of forests and the mountains of Kluane National Park or the Tombstone Mountains on foot or by snowmobile, dog sled, or van.

Hike hundreds of trails that provide spectacular views of peaks and pinnacles sculpted by wind, water and ice.

Gaze upon Mount Logan in the St. Elias Mountains in Kluane Park, the highest point in the Yukon and Canada, with an elevation of 5,959 meters above sea level.

These are just a few of the reasons to visit what may be

one of the world's last true wilderness destinations.

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Dog Mushing

The Yukon offers many outdoor expedition tour companies whose expertise will take visitors deep into the heart of the Yukon. Whether a remote-style expedition with winter camping or an adventure including cozy log cabins each evening, dog mushing requires no previous experience—only a love for dogs, a willingness to learn, and an irresistible attraction to the Yukon’s mythical winter.

Horseback Riding

Fantasies of cowboy freedom can come alive in the Yukon, but forget about cattle and cactus—this is the country of caribou and fireweed. Saddle up with local outfitters and hoof it over alpine passes, around crystal-clear lakes and along gold rush rails. And after chow time, head straight for the sack or stay up late to discover the starry skies of western lore.

Aurora Viewing

Throughout the winter, Yukon operators deliver the Northern Lights experience in unforgettable style. By dog sled or snowmobile, visitors are whisked away to a picture-perfect setting to watch the greatest show on earth. Nothing compares to the allure of the mysterious and unique wonder of the aurora borealis.

Skiing & Snowshoeing

For avid skiers, the Yukon's bountiful backcountry is a dream-come-true. Whether it’s cross-country, alpine touring or telemarking, a lodge- or city-based trip is available along with the promise of perfect powder. Visitors can also achieve the same effect by foregoing boards and poles in favor of snowshoes—a wonderful way to experience the beauty of the northern landscape.


Fish love the pure waters of Yukon lakes and rivers, which means that sport fishers have reason to love them too. Trophy lake trout, arctic grayling, pike, dolly varden, whitefish, burbot, inconnu, and salmon are only a few of the 27 species of freshwater fish that call Yukon home. Guides help land record-size fish in virtually any area, but remote fly-in camps and luxury lodges offer some of the best opportunities. 

Snowmobile, ATV and 4x4 Tours

When you don't have the time or ability to explore the wilderness under your own steam, consider a motorized trip. Whether you base your trip from town or a wilderness lodge, or camp along the way, motorized exploration is a non-stop charge offering the possibility of wild surprises around every bend. Winter camping, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, wildlife viewing, ice fishing, and enjoying the spectacle of the Northern Lights will leave you entranced with tales to tell for years to come! These tours are available year round.


Most canoe trips are multi-day expeditions with plenty of time to explore the amazing backcountry. Have fun navigating sections of whitewater while portaging around others, with expertly-guided canoe trips along rivers that run wild through pristine landscapes. 


Visitors enjoy exploring historic sites, watching the wildlife and admiring the wilderness while the motorboats do all of the hard work. Explore more than 2000 miles of wilderness with guides that explore the amazing rivers and backcountry of the Yukon.


Whether its a wild whitewater ride that lasts one day or a longer trip that offers time for camping, hiking, fishing and wildlife viewing in addition to some rapid-action. Float through the largest bio-preserve in the world, while expert guides do most of the rowing—take the classic Nahanni River Journey with views of the awesome Virginia Falls or drift through Arctic parks where the tundra teams with wildlife including muskox, caribou and bears. Nothing can whet your appetite for adventure quite like rafting a northern river.

Sea Kayaking

The Yukon offers a vast wealth of pristine landscapes interspersed by rivers, lakes and access to the ocean. Many modern day adventurers choose to explore this amazing backcountry wilderness by sea kayak.  Yukon operators lead a variety of expert-guided sea kayak trips that also provide plenty of time to enjoy wilderness camping, hiking, fishing and wildlife viewing—all requisite elements of a great sea kayak journey.

Hiking, Backpacking & Mountaineering

Put some serious momentum into a Yukon adventure with a healthy pair of lungs and a sturdy pair of boots. Yukon operators will guide through the raw wilderness of the Kluane National Park or the Tombstone Mountains, with no trails or traces of human activity, or along established routes like the Chilkoot Trail, with gold rush relics and developed campsites. For the more adventuruous spirits, heli-hiking options are available.

Learning Adventures

Whether its wildlife viewing, botany, glaciers, First Nations culture or gold rush history, the Yukon always has something interesting to offer. Local experts will enrich the learning adventure in the ideal classroom—the Yukon. The Yukon’s experienced instructors and incomparable wilderness is also a great place to  develop skills in mountaineering, paddling and leadership—valuable lessons that will forever change the appreciation of the great outdoors.

Athletic Adventures

Combine the history, mystery and beauty of the Yukon with running, mountain biking, cycling or other physical activity. The Yukon is world renowned as a destination for athletic competitions and extreme sports and local guides will provide an unforgettable athletic adventure.


Whatever activity or adventure visitors choose,

there are expert operators to provide top-notch service

and the best that the Yukon has to offer.

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There's More

Day Trips

Day trips can provide an additional opportunity to experience local activities including hiking through mining ruins or along historic trails, floating the Yuko River, white water rafting on the Takhini, fishing, or even rock climbing. A wide variety of operators provide something extra for those few extra hours or days of the Yukon adventure.

Lodge-Based Trips and Cabin Rentals

The Yukon is renowned for its raw, rugged wilderness, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed without a touch of luxury. Cozy accommodations, great cuisine and other amenities including lodge-organized trips are available—some remote, others more accessible, but the all blend in and enhance the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Van Tours and Hotel Round Trips

A guided van tour can be the perfect way to explore Canada’s True North. Choose from a variety of options in terms of duration, destination, activities, hotels and camping. From southeast Alaska to the Arctic, from Kluane National Park to the heart of the Klondike, there are over 2,800 miles of stunning scenery.

Adventure Equipment Rentals

Although the Yukon is off the beaten path, there are local suppliers that can provide all of the equipment, gear and supplies needed to enjoy all that the Yukon has to offer. From canoes, kayaks, dirt bikes and snowmobiles to life jackets, tents, sleeping bags and fishing gear, with affordable prices and commitment to service, Yukon suppliers have it all.

Yukon Wild Operators are committed

to providing memories that last a lifetime.

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Wild @ Heart

Yukon Wild also offers Yukon Wild @ Heart, an online newsletter providing the latest information about the operators and activities. Issues include:


·                    Noteworthy Northerners

·                    Northern Happenings

·                    Remove Comfort

·                    Trip Cuisine

·                    Yukon Parks

·                    Photographs

·                    Contests

·                    And Much More

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High Standards
  • All Yukon Wild operators belong to the Wilderness Tourism Association (WTAY), an industry group that reinforces the high standards maintained by each of its individual members.
  • All Yukon Wild operators are regulated by the Government of Yukon’s Wilderness Tourism Licensing Act.
  • Yukon Wild operators are on the leading edge of modern and sustainable wilderness tourism practices.

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