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Vee Bar Guest Ranch

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Vee Bar Guest Ranch Opens Its Doors to Families Touched by Phenylketonuria (PKU).

CONTACT: Kari Kilmer
TEL: 307-745-7036
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LARAMIE, WY--For the first time ever, the Vee Bar Guest Ranch will be opening it’s doors and it’s kitchen to families with members who have Phenylketonuria (PKU). The Vee Bar is owned and operated by the Cole Family. Kari Kilmer and her husband, Brent, manage the Vee Bar, and Kari also has PKU. Kari is a patient at The Children’s Hospital in Denver and sees Laurie Bernstein, MS, RD, FADA.
The Vee Bar Guest Ranch specializes in family vacations and has become a popular destination among guest ranches. Now the Vee Bar is happy to invite PKU families to the ranch July 11—17, 2010 for a fun-filled week of quality family time. PKU friendly meals will be served with the help of the Vee Bar’s own chef and a team of chefs and cooks who are familiar with PKU dietary needs. Families will not need to worry about bringing their own “special” food, just their formula and smiles!
With a family-friendly atmosphere and a hands-on approach to western adventure, the whole clan is guaranteed a good time with activities like horseback riding, hiking, excellent fly fishing, hayrides, trap shooting, camping, herding cattle, and river tubing. Private or group riding lessons are offered for those that are interested in furthering their horsemanship skills. The Vee Bar’s legendary horseback riding program can be tailored to suit guests that have never ridden as well as those who own and ride their own horses. Riders are not required to ride head to tail in an uninspiring line and loping rides are offered for those that are comfortable. Family members who are not as keen on horseback riding will have an array of daytime activities to choose from, and all members of the family are sure to enjoy the evening entertainment. Guests can participate in as many or as few activities as they wish. The staff at the Vee Bar is happy to accommodate special requests and work to ensure this vacation is a memorable one.
With help from Mother Nature, horses, friendly people, and a lifestyle far removed from the hustle of city life, guests will be able to unwind and reconnect with each other and their families. During the week of July 11—17, 2010, there is something else that will bring guests together at the Vee Bar—PKU. In addition to spending time with family, guests will be able to share ideas, concerns, and inspirations with each other. A guest speaker will be at the Vee Bar to speak to the theme of living up to a challenge. Kari, manager of the Vee Bar, will also be available through out the week to offer her insight on growing up and coping with PKU. She will share with other PKU patients the glories and the challenges of living with PKU. Kari’s husband, Brent, will also share about the importance of a properly managed diet from a boyfriend, and now husband’s, point of view . Laurie Bernstein will be available to help plan meals for the week, offer her nutritional management expertise, and will join guests and staff for part of  the week at the Vee Bar.
The Vee Bar Guest Ranch and this unique team of people look forward to hosting PKU patients and their families in July 2010. This one-of-a-kind experience promises to be rewarding, fun, and life changing. To inquire or make reservations contact the Vee Bar Guest Ranch.
About the Vee Bar Guest Ranch
Nestled in the shadows of the Snowy Range Mountains along the banks of the Little Laramie River, the Vee Bar Guest Ranch tells stories of yester-year with its hundred-year-old barn and lodge. With a past that includes being a cattle, horse, sheep, and buffalo operation, a stagecoach stop, a post office, a freight line to local mines, and a government training school for boys from low-income families, the unforgettable Vee Bar is now operating as a guest ranch in the summer and a bed and breakfast & corporate retreat location in the winter



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