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Less Hype, More Hike – Active New Zealand’s Answer to Christmas

CONTACT: Mark Samways
TEL: 800-661-9073 (US & Canada)
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QUEENSTOWN, New Zealand--It’s not just Santa who clocks up the frequent flyer miles over Christmas. According to New Zealand based adventure tourism outfitter Active New Zealand, increasing numbers of Northern Hemisphere hikers are heading south for the holiday season.

Over the past few years the guiding company has recorded a steady growth in bookings over Christmas - 15% annually - in stark contrast to the backdrop of global economic doom and gloom.

Active NZ general manager Mark Samways says for Kiwi’s (as New Zealanders are colloquially known) the only surprise is how long it’s taken the northern hemisphere to catch on.

“Christmas falls at the height of summer for New Zealand, so it’s pretty strikingly different from the European or American experience,” he says. “There’s no shoveling snow or gathering around the fire down here. Your typical Kiwi Christmas Day is more likely to involve a big picnic lunch followed by a barefoot game of cricket on the beach or a hike through the mountains.”

“In places like our West Coast, the Christmas hype is about as low as you’ll find anywhere in the world; no traffic, crowded malls and screaming kids,” but he adds, “it’s not a Grinch cave. New Zealand is world renowned for some of the world’s most incredible scenery; snow capped peaks, glaciers running into rainforests, pristine sandy beaches… why on earth would you want to spend the holidays anywhere else!”

“I think perhaps what we’re seeing with these figures is people choosing to downsize their Christmas by having a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a few close friends, rather than getting hung up on products and trying to spread themselves across their whole network of family and friends.”

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For further information: Mark Samways at or phone +64 3 450 0411. 
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