Welcome the New Year with a Trip of a Lifetime

Welcome the New Year with a Trip of a Lifetime

MINNEAPOLIS– If you’re looking for an exciting new trip to a destination you’ve never seen before, look no further. With the recent announcement of their merge with AER World Tours, Borton Overseas now offers customizable itineraries to Asia, China and India. With more choices than ever before, a trip with Borton Overseas is a must-do!

Asia – The Southeast Asian regions of Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam offer travellers the opportunity to experience cultural treasures, rich history, natural beauty and some of the world’s kindest, most welcoming people.

China – When guests travel to China with Borton Overseas, they can expect to feel the profound history, spirituality, culture and treasures of the world’s oldest continuous civilization, along with limitless opportunities for adventure in this diverse and fast-changing country.

India – India’s intoxicating and diverse culture, landscapes, cuisine and traditions offer an unparalleled experience for those travelling with Borton Overseas. White sandy beaches, visits to National Parks and exotic wildlife abound in this magical country.

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