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Step Aboard the Ocean Diamond for the Experience of a Lifetime

REYKJAVIK, Iceland— Imagine a trip so naturally beautiful yet complete with all your creature comforts; a vacation so inspirationally active yet luxuriously relaxing; a once in a lifetime experience that is breathtakingly beautiful in every way. A cruise with Iceland ProCruises is just that and so much more. During the company’s inaugural season, Iceland ProCruises takes guests aboard...
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Follow the Trail of the Vikings to the World’s Largest Island

REYKJAVIK, Iceland— With their unforgettable fjords, steep mountainsides and picturesque views of icebergs and volcanoes, Iceland and Greenland are abundant with iconic scenery and rich history. Iceland ProCruises, an Iceland based company and a division of the leading tour operator Iceland ProTravel, transports travelers to the naturally magnificent Artic region for this eleven-day journey. In August...
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