Experience Plus! – Women-Owned Adventure Travel Company

Experience Plus! – Women-Owned Adventure Travel Company

Experience Plus! owners lead in the trend towards women-owned adventure travel companies.

Second-generation owners are sisters Maria-Elena and Monica Price.

Fort Collins, CO, January, 2015 – In adventure travel, women rule – doing the research, making the booking and most-importantly – participating in the adventure. Now more and more women own the adventure travel companies!

Marybeth Bond, The Gutsy Traveler, an expert on women in travel states “The average adventure traveler is not a 28-year old male, but a 47-year-old female. And she wears a size 12 dress.” Her research shows a 230% growth in women-owned companies in the past six years!

Experience Plus! offers cycling tours in Europe and South America confirm that their trips are booked primarily by women whether traveling as a couple, group, or single traveler. The second-generation owners of Experience Plus are sisters Maria-Elena and Monica Price who bought the company from their parents in 2009. They feel being a woman-owned gives them an advantage in the marketplace. A better understanding of the needs of travelers; greater attention to small details that are meaningful to women traveling outside the USA. A special emphasis on safety gives all travelers, and especially women, confidence in their surroundings and allows them to enjoy their travel without undue concern.

According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) – women-owned adventure travel companies are more concerned about sustainable travel and responsible tourism, such as child-prostitution and world hunger.

When choosing an adventure trip, all travelers make choices based on the destination, activities, culture, food and wine, and scenery. They want to be sure they are getting a good value for money spent and that they will be safe. Women-owned companies speak to these needs and concerns naturally which appeals to their guests.

You are invited to contact Experience Plus! to book your next trip and experience the difference working with a women-owned company makes!

Additional information is available by contacting Caroline Ogden, cogden@adventuremedianews.com, 307.421.4473, www.experienceplus.com.

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