ExperiencePlus! Announces Three New Cycling Destinations for 2016

ExperiencePlus! Announces Three New Cycling Destinations for 2016

ExperiencePlus! Announces Three New Cycling Destinations for 2016

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – Award-winning bicycle tour operator ExperiencePlus! recently announced three innovative tours in new destinations across Europe for 2016 travel. In addition, several of the company’s best-loved bicycling itineraries will receive some updates for next year, giving new and return guests more options to consider when booking their 2016 tour.

ExperiencePlus! is a pioneer in providing lightly guided tours and is a specialist in finding the balance between just enough support and freedom to explore. Guests are hosted by locals who assure the best experience possible – from mapping out the route marked with chalk arrows and delivering luggage to hotels, to conducting briefings each morning and de-briefs at dinner. Local guides are never far away while still allowing cyclists to ride at their own pace.

What’s new at ExperiencePlus!:

Copenhagen to Berlin: 201 Level Tour
Bicycle Europe’s newest and most popular cycling destinations, including the capital cities of Denmark and Germany: Copenhagen to Berlin. The new 14-day trip provides plenty of options; guests can do the full two weeks or split the difference – ride the first part from Copenhagen to Hamburg or join the second part of the trip from Hamburg to Berlin. Either way, there are plenty of highlights along both parts of the route: discover cultural and architectural heritage at World Heritage Sites; ride through parts of East Germany plus up-and-coming cities; enjoy gastronomic delicacies like handcrafted (and refreshingly delicious!) Danish and German beers; plus experience Lübeck’s famous marzipan and nouvelle cuisine in Berlin.

Italian Lakes Country: 301 Level Tour
The Italian Lakes have been a playground for the aristocracy for hundreds of years and with good reason. It’s hard to imagine a more picture-perfect setting to simply relax, ride a bike and enjoy cool breezes from the lakes. The area’s unique micro-climate supports olive and citrus groves — a rarity this far north. Visitors will also find some of the world’s most celebrated botanic gardens designed by renowned landscape architects from around the world. Cycle through storybook settings on a ride that features two length options – 7 or 11 days – enjoying stunning scenery through charming villages and possibly even a George Clooney sighting (can’t make any promises!). Another highlight of the Italy tours is the mouth-watering cuisine – think amazing pasta and risottos, fresh fish and Swiss chocolate.

A New Cycling Option in Southeastern Sicily: 301 Level Tour
ExperiencePlus! has been cycling in western Sicily for over 15 years – this island region will charm anyone who is lucky enough to travel there. However, this new itinerary explores the eastern side, which is equally rich in history and stunning in its landscapes. Take this opportunity to explore the southeastern region of the island on an 8-day bicycle tour then, if that’s not enough time in this amazing location, connect to the trip in the western portion and cycle across the island in just two weeks of cycling. Highlights in southeastern Sicily include: Explore the heart of ancient Magna Grecia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with over 3,000 years of Mediterranean history; ride through interior towns in the Val di Noto; and learn about Spain’s rule and influence in the area.

Some Changes to a Few Favorites
Expect some changes to popular trips in Italy’s Piemonte Plus! Lago MaggioreBest of Southern Tuscany Plus! FlorenceCycle and Soak Hidden TuscanyCycling Andalucia in southern Spain will also see some modifications next year.

ExperiencePlus! is posting new 2016 departure dates and details daily. If travelers are interested in specific trips, please let the company know and they will send notification once those trip details are available.

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