Experience Belize’s Garifuna Culture on Garifuna Settlement Day

Experience Belize’s Garifuna Culture on Garifuna Settlement Day

November 19 is a day to commemorate the arrival of the Garifuna people to Belize through re-enactments, tradition food and a full day of festivities

HOPKINS, Belize – More than 200 years ago, the Garifuna (also Garinagu) people were deported from their homeland in St. Vincent by the British to the coast of Central America. Derived from the original 2,000 Garifuna people who settled in Belize, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua, the Garifuna culture has remained an important part of the area’s modern history. On November 19, travelers will witness and participate in festivities celebrating the Garifuna forefathers’ arrival. This celebration will be fueled by music, drumming and dancing competitions, customary fare and, of course, plenty of rum.

Located off the beaten path in a cultural hub of Belize, Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort offers guests a unique cultural experience with the Garifuna people. This eco-resort is located near one of the last remaining Garifuna villages in the world, a community struggling to preserve its endangered customs. On November 19, Hamanasi and the entire village will provide a unique food and culture festival not to be missed.

Villagers awake at daybreak, don traditional clothing, then jump into boats and make their way along the shoreline. The boisterous crew stops at local sites, blowing conch shells to herald their arrival at each beach, then march along the sand while beating drums, shaking sisera, singing and dancing. Hamanasi Resort guests greet the Garifuna with local rum and cassava bread while dancing along. The festival would not be complete without local cuisine, so prepare to dine on native dishes like ereba with lasdusu (cassava bread with gravy), hudut (mashed green and ripe plantains with a fish coconut stew), tapou (fish and root vegetable soup) and bimecacule (sticky sweet rice).

Throughout the year, Hamanasi guests can experience fresh, local Garifuna cuisine created by the resort’s award-winning culinary masters. Cassava, fresh coconut milk, plantains, local herbs from the resort’s organic garden and freshly caught fish are just a handful of the ingredients used in Garifuna cooking. The resort also offers a Belizean Night every Thursday, when local drummers and dancers entertain Hamanasi guests prior to a Belizean-themed dinner, showcasing traditional dishes from the four major cultures represented in Belize: Kriol, Mayan, Garinagu and Mestizo.

To find out more about Settlement Day, visit the Belize Tourism Board website. For rates and information about Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort, visit www.hamanasi.com.


About Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort:
Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort is nestled between sandy beaches and lush rainforest on Belize’s central coast. The boutique resort embodies casual elegance with displays of Belizean hardwood furniture, locally crafted art, fresh Caribbean fusion cuisine, and a warm, welcoming staff. Customer service is a high priority at Hamanasi; employees undergo an extensive training program and share a true sense of pride and ownership in the resort.


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