Hamanasi Resort’s Crusade Against an Invasive Species

Hamanasi Resort’s Crusade Against an Invasive Species

HOPKINS, Belize -- Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort in Belize is dishing up adventure and sustainability on its dinner menu. The eco-resort has turned a lionfish spear fishing excursion into more than just a fun activity; guests are helping protect the fragile marine ecosystem by curtailing the number of lionfish that roam around the barrier reef. Plus, guests get to enjoy the delicious white fish for dinner.

With no natural predators, lionfish threaten the native fish population by eating smaller local species and quickly reproducing. Help curb the population growth by signing up for the spear fishing expedition and learning a new skill you probably never thought you'd possess.

While on the boat, a Hamanasi Divemaster will point out the invasive species and demonstrate how to spear and bag the fish. Divers learn the whole fishing process, including how to clean the fish properly, before testing their techniques in the water. Back on land, Hamanasi’s award-winning chefs create their signature Fresh Meets Fusion dishes, including a popular ceviche dish. They combine fresh-cooked lionfish filets with a blend of cool fresh fruit juices, tomato, cucumber, salt, sugar and spicy habanero peppers. It is served chilled with a side of fried tortilla chips - share as an appetizer or enjoy it as a light meal.

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