Iceland: A Hot Destination, Indeed!

Iceland: A Hot Destination, Indeed!

REYKJAVIK, Iceland— Travelers around the globe are quickly discovering the undeniable appeal of ‘the land of fire and ice.’ Iceland ProCruises, a division of Iceland ProTravel, sets sail in 2015 and invites guests to experience every aspect that makes Iceland so special. Iceland is, quite simply, one of the most fascinating places on the planet. Awe-inspiring landscapes, pristine forces of nature and infinite and always-surprising combinations of fire, water, earth and air are everywhere to be found. Nature lovers are mesmerized by Iceland’s spell and travelers admire unique black-sand beaches, erupting volcanoes, lumbering glaciers and thunderous waterfalls. It’s no wonder the country’s nature has been the inspiration for countless Icelandic songs and sagas. Iceland is truly one of Europe’s last great adventures!

Join the Iceland Circumnavigation cruise and enjoy the ride as you’re mesmerized by the scenery and enchanted by the history of the Arctic. Experience an unforgettable journey that showcases the country and its people, wildlife as varied as wild horses and whales, culture and cuisine, and stories and legends. Most cities and towns are located along the coast and can be easily reached by boat, however, numerous shore excursions offer the opportunity to explore the interior of Iceland, as well. Let Iceland ProCruises take you on your next adventure to this ever-popular Arctic destination!

Departure dates for Iceland Circumnavigation are June 3, 12, 21, 30, July 9, 18, 28. Prices starting at $1,367 per person. Click here for more information on reserving a trip in 2015.

Media Contact: Julie Peirano;; 973.714.5632. Photos available.

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