Iceland ProCruises – Whales and Northern Lights

Iceland ProCruises – Whales and Northern Lights


Iceland ProCruises
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Iceland ProCruises Announce a New Fall Itinerary
Whales and Northern Lights

REYKJAVIK, Iceland— Offering discerning travelers unique experiences both on and off the ship, Iceland ProCruises celebrates their successful debut season in 2015 as the first Icelandic owned expedition cruise line by announcing new itineraries for 2016. Iceland in September – a special month for a special voyage.  Get to know the island of fire and ice both on-board and on shore.  As the lazy days of summer slowly come to an end, the island landscape transforms and is reborn into the vibrant colors of autumn.  Days grow shorter and the Midnight Sun bids farewell to make room in the sky for a spectacular display of dancing Northern Lights.  Many are familiar with the term Aurora Borealis and few have experienced this natural phenomenon with their own eyes.

By day, encounter a variety of species of whales, especially in North Iceland near the Arctic Circle.  By night, explore for the magical Northern Lights, all from the vantage of the open sea.

This unique journey begins with a three-day cruise along the West Coast and North Shore of Iceland with distinctive shore excursions and lectures by local experts, followed by a motor-coach trek through the Central Highlands, returning to the final destination -  Reykjavik

The Ocean Diamond is the ideal ship for expeditions in the Arctic Region; its size takes passengers to places off the traditional cruise route to experience nature up close and personal.  It carries a maximum of 224 passengers and is a real expedition ship.  Shore excursions include whale watching, fishing excursions, and tours of castles, churches and charming villages.  Boat tours to spot wildlife and birding excursions are popular.  Those arriving in Reykjavik may choose to visit volcanoes and glaciers or book a post-tour visit to iconic places such as the Blue Lagoon, glaciers, geysers and steam vents and the famous Icelandic Horses.  Iceland ProCruises can handle all this and more and since you’re traveling with the ‘locals’ they know all the best places to take you!

This 7-night cruise starts at $1685 per person and sails September 17 and in reverse September ?? Iceland Pro Cruises invite queries and bookings from the travel trade and pay generous commissions.

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About Iceland ProCruises

Iceland ProCruises is an Iceland based company and a part of the Iceland ProTravel family, which is the leading tour operator in Iceland. Companies include: Iceland ProTravel, Iceland an Incentive, Group DMC, Iceland ProTravel Service meet and greet and Iceland ProFishing. Owners Gudmundur Kjartansson, a native Icelander, and Anne-Cathrin Brocker from Luxembourg have over twenty years of combined experience in Icelandic tourism and are also the owners of Iceland ProTravel.

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