Consider This: Trusted Travel Expert For Nepal Weighs In

Consider This: Trusted Travel Expert For Nepal Weighs In

Another earthquake rocked the already devastated country of Nepal once again during a 7.3 magnitude quake on Tuesday. Recovery efforts have been ongoing since last month's 7.8 earthquake, with this recent disaster adding to the time it will take to get this resilient country back on its feet.

Dr. Antonia "Toni" Neubauer, founder of award-winning experiential tour operator Myths and Mountains, is the Trusted Travel Expert for Nepal on Wendy Perrin's WOW List and is also Conde Nast Traveler's Nepal Top Travel Specialist.

Dr. Neubauer wants the public to understand the importance of not only donating money to reputable organizations to help repair the country, but also continuing to move forward with travel plans to the area since tourism is one of the major industries in the region.

"Just because there was a quake in Nepal is no reason to stop traveling to Bhutan, India or Tibet. They are absolutely beautiful. We have clients in Bhutan right now, and they are fine and enjoying a wonderful trip. We helped our clients in Nepal get out into India and they are now off seeing the Taj Mahal. To change plans and not go to other Himalayan countries is like deciding not to go to New York because there is an earthquake in San Francisco," Dr. Neubauer explained.


Reconstruction is a long-term affair. That is why Myths and Mountains is supporting the work of READ Global, an organization founded by Dr. Neubauer that has become a catalyst for systemic and sustainable change in Bhutan, India and Nepal. READ ( is not a first-stage disaster relief organization, but many of the centers in rural Nepal, as well as near Kathmandu, were affected. If people want to contribute to help rebuild communities, they can donate to READ ( and designate Nepal as the recipient. READ will ensure that all funds get to those who need them most.

For those who want to contribute to first stage disaster relief, below is a partial list of organizations that are helping with this critical stage:
Mercy Corps
Chandra Gurung Trust
Global Giving
Doctors Without Borders
Catholic Relief
Save the Children Nepal
Red Cross

Expert advice from Dr. Toni Neubauer

*The Nepal tragedy is a vivid example of how working with a knowledgeable, expert U.S. agent/tour operator, who can manage to get through to key people in country to assess the situation, can look after you and give you the proper advice, knows where the best hospital care is to be found, can contact your relatives/family at home and let them know what is happening, and can manage to get you flights or whatever you need to get out of the potential danger you are in.

*From a traveler’s perspective, a tragedy like this should make you carefully look at your insurance policy. Does it cover natural disasters such as earthquakes? Does it have good evacuation capabilities? Can you reach them in an emergency? One of the best for serious emergency evacuations is Global Rescue. Not all policies are the same and you need to know what you are getting.

*When traveling, it is always good to keep a copy of your passport and travel information with you, in case there is a catastrophe, such as that in Nepal.

If you would like to schedule an interview with Dr. Neubauer or contact her with questions, please email or call 800-670-6984.

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