Cultural Adventures: Experience a New Way of Life with Myths and Mountains in 2015

Cultural Adventures: Experience a New Way of Life with Myths and Mountains in 2015

Visit remote areas of the world to interact with rural communities, learn about their way of life and give back to those who have made your journey so meaningful

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. – While many people travel to observe notable sites up close and take snapshots as they scurry through a foreign town, few actually stop to interact with the locals, learn about their culture and support the communities. Not only do these interactions enhance your personal travel experience, they undoubtedly transform the way you view your own existence. Let Myths and Mountains lead you into extraordinary places where you will experience a new way of life and give back to those who have brought you to a new level of understanding and appreciation for foreign cultures.

Award-winning experiential tour operator Myths and Mountains offers intimate journeys in Asia, Southeast Asia and South America. The company’s tours allow guests to immerse themselves in a local culture, connect with the people, and work with local organizations and businesses that help generate lasting social change and improve the lives of millions. Here are a few tours New On the Map for 2015:


With more than 13,000 islands, the Indonesian archipelago is home to nearly 300 ethnic groups, each with its own cultural identity developed over thousands of years. On Indonesia: Islands in the Sun, guests will explore Torajan villages, hike to the Lo’ko Mata burial site at Mt. Sesean, visit Sumba Ikat Weaving Centers, look for Komodo Dragons and watch the sunrise at Kelimutu, all while learning diverse customs and making friends with the locals.

Journey to Vietnam to Meet the Locals, discovering how they live their lives, raise their children and work local industries. Guests will stay with families along the way and learn how to cook traditional dishes, wander through village markets, explore the surroundings on foot and by bike, and help hardworking natives plow their fields, getting to know the Vietnamese people on their level.


Explore India’s Northeast with READ Founder and Myths and Mountains President Dr. Antonia Neubauer on READ India: Nagas, Rhinos and Libraries. Guests visit READ Centers throughout the tour and spend quality time with the Nagas, Khasi, Metei and other tribal cultures, learning about their daily lives. Visitors also tour Delhi, enjoy afternoon games drives, wander through the Shillong bazaar and much more. READ Global helps build community library resource centers that offer knowledge, information and educational opportunities to rural villagers in Nepal, India and Bhutan. All travelers on this trip give a small donation to READ Global prior to departure and many become spokespersons for the organization once they return home.

Learn about and contribute to multiple community projects on Laos With a Heart while traveling through this simply beautiful country. Take ziplines through the Gibbon Experience, visit an elephant sanctuary, deliver books to rural villages by riverboat, explore the mysterious Plain of Jars and take part in projects that focus on the environment, local communities and wildlife. This is a true authentic, cultural experience that will give your journey purpose and a deep appreciation for Laotians.


About Myths and Mountains:
Founded in 1988 by veteran adventurer Toni Neubauer, Myths and Mountains fosters intimate cross-cultural experiences. The company’s tours are designed to take travelers to the very heart of the places they are visiting, whether that means trekking the remote passes of Bhutan or learning traditional medicine from the shamans of the Amazon. These efforts have established a solid place for Myths and Mountains in the adventure travel industry; the company was chosen as one of National Geographic Adventure’s Best Adventure Travel Companies in 2009 and won Travel + Leisure’s 2010 Global Vision Award. Their innovative “Untamed Cambodia” tour was selected as a “Tour of a Lifetime” for 2013 by National Geographic Traveler. Dr. Neubauer herself has been chosen as a Top Travel Specialist by Condé Nast Traveler four times. Myths and Mountains is also a member of Trusted Adventures, a consortium of award-winning companies matching active travelers with over 350 unique trips walking, rafting, cycling and trekking in over 85 destinations worldwide.

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