Kid-friendly Peru – 10 Lessons Learned

Kid-friendly Peru – 10 Lessons Learned

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Kid-friendly Peru
10 Lessons Learned

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — Award-winning experiential tour operator Myths and Mountains, known for its culturally immersive itineraries, has learned through experience that Peru is a kid-friendly destination, especially when travelers follow the 10 lessons learned by this outfitter.

We call this experience Machu Picchu and Beyond because it goes beyond touring the 600-year-old Inca ruins to meeting the contemporary people of Peru’s small rural villages, markets and towns providing an adventurous mix of wonder, mystery and real-life experiences with Peruvian culture.

  1. Plan as many opportunities for cultural experiences as possible. Visit a rural school and allow your children time to be spontaneous with the local children; learn and practice a few words of Quechua, the ancient Inca language still spoken today. Being able to say “hello” and “how are you” will bring smiles and giggles to everyone.
  2. Give hotels a heads up: Is there anything in particular you’ll need while you’re staying at the hotel? Will your child have a birthday while in Peru?
  3. Give guides a heads up.  At Myths and Mountains, each family is interviewed to learn preferences for food, activities, travel style, etc. This assures each family members’ needs will be met.
  4. Bring pictures of home.  Sharing photos of pets, classroom and even the backyard at home with local children helps make a connection. It can also be comforting to see photos of home when everything around them is new and somewhat foreign.
  5. Stay in small, comfortable hotels. Peruvian hotels rarely have family rooms or connecting ones, so a small hotel allows travelers to stay near each other.  Since Peruvians tend to be family-oriented, guests often feel like the staff will “adopt” them during the stay.
  6. Get physical. With help from your private guide, let your child safely explore the hidden dungeons of Machu Picchu, ride a horse to a rural village, feed lamas and alpacas, and go fishing for piranhas in the Amazon jungle. No child will be bored who is allowed to “do” things.
  7. Learn a new skill. Don’t just watch the weaver using a backstrap loom, let your child try it. Take part in a cooking class as a family, using food grown on the farm you’re visiting.  Learn how to track animals on a night safari hike in the Amazon. Go bird watching and make a list of birds you see.
  8. Make room for down time. Set aside a day or two in the itinerary to just hang out in a village or at the hotel pool. Children are not inexhaustible and enjoy having time to do whatever they want to do….or to do nothing but take in the views, sounds and smells of Peru.
  9. Be flexible.  When Myths and Mountains plan a trip for a family, they know that the best laid plans can go awry if a child becomes unhappy, ill, or is just tired, so building flexibility into the itinerary assures there is always have an alternative plan if things don’t go according to schedule.
  10. Making sites like Machu Picchu accessible. Myths recommends kids aged 7 and up for any trip to Peru. For any overnight trekking trips, it’s best for kids to be at least 12 years old and able to handle six-hour daily hikes. Trips are paced so the family can adjust to altitude easily before heading to the higher elevations

The Peru for Kids itinerary can be booked almost any time of the year. Using an operator like Myths and Mountains is clearly a good choice when families plan an international trip. More information on this itinerary and many others is available at

Using an operator like Myths and Mountains is clearly a good choice when families plan an international trip. More information on this itinerary and many others is available at

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About Myths and Mountains

Veteran adventurer Dr. Antonia Neubauer founded Myths and Mountains in 1988 to foster intimate cross-cultural experiences, offering tours designed to take travelers to the very heart of the places they visit. The company’s mission to provide handcrafted, experiential journeys has created a solid place for Myths and Mountains in the adventure travel industry. They were named as Trusted Travel Experts on the 2016 Wendy Perrin WOW List; Allie Almario is the WOW expert for Ecuador and the Galapagos, while Dr. Neubauer is the WOW expert for Bhutan, Nepal and now Myanmar. Dr. Neubauer has also been Condé Nast Traveler’s Nepal Top Travel Specialist since 2011. They were named one of “50 Tours of a Lifetime” – National Geographic Traveler, 2013 and 2015. Myths and Mountains was presented the 2015 Legacy in Travel Philanthropy Award from Tourism Cares.

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