Local specialties star in “A Foodie’s Guide to Patagonia”

Local specialties star in “A Foodie’s Guide to Patagonia”


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Local specialties star in “A Foodie’s Guide to Patagonia”

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — award-winning experiential tour operator Myths and Mountains recently blogged about the culinary experiences offered guests traveling to Patagonia.  While visions of the snow-capped mountains of Torres del Paine NP, gauchos and glaciers are at the forefront of a hiking trip to the southern regions of Patagonia; cuisine is a big part of an adventure to Argentina and Chile especially for those who include a stay at a working ranch or estancia.

Food is considered to be one of the most significant trademarks of a culture and that is certainly true of the unique Patagonian cuisine served at any estancia. Just as in the cowboy culture in North America, to gauchos – the cowboys of this region – beef (asado) is the Argentine national dish.  A mixed grill also includes mutton, lamb, goat, pork, wild boar and perhaps even lama plus a chicken all roasted over an open fire and served to hungry guests. Other specialties include stews and casseroles.  Cold cuts of meat are even served at breakfast to be sure there is meat three times a day!

Immigrants from many parts of the world settled in the region, bringing their culinary traditions with them making for a rich array of gastronomic options such as afternoon tea imported by the Brits.  No trip to Argentina and Chile would be complete without tasting locally made and highly regarded wines, seafood delicacies near the coast, and sandwiches to go – empanadas.  These are little pastry pockets filled with a variety of meat, vegetables and even sweets and star in box lunches, as an appetizer or starter course.  Dairy delights include the delicate caramel flavors of dulce de leche and chimichurri is served to compliment everything from meat to salads.

Myths and Mountains “Empanadas, Estancias and Patagonian Culture” Itinerary is a great way to experience the food and wine of this region. Kayaking, hiking, sailing and visits to Buenos Aires and Bariloche compliment learning about the gaucho and Mapuche cultures.  For more information, please visit http://mythsandmountains.com/trip/argentina-and-chile-across-patagonia/

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