Tibetan Lands: Trekking the Roof of the World

Tibetan Lands: Trekking the Roof of the World

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. -- Myths and Mountains wants to show you the side of Tibet most tourists will never see – the side that cannot be Googled. Myths created a new 2015 itinerary that takes real adventure seekers on an amazing and truly off-the-beaten-path journey through untouched Tibetan lands.

Beginning your journey in Lhasa, the center of the Tibetan mandala, you will spend the first few days exploring some of the holiest Buddhist sites, including Phabonkha and Sera Monasteries, and getting to know the monks. Then you will head northeast to the Nyanchan Thangla Mountains and Lake Nam Tso, the second largest saltwater lake in Tibet, where you can hike around, explore the Tashiy Do hermitage, numerous cave temples and wander the two-hour kora as devoted pilgrims do.

Get your heart going on the trek from Ganden up along Wangpori ridge to the Yamado herders camp. Rest overnight among nomads and their herds before continuing along a beautiful yet challenging route toward Zhukur Pass and Chetur Pass, passing marmot dens and rhododendron along the rocky path. After hours on the trail, Palha Tschodu Lake, green meadows and lush grasses come into view. Within a few days, you will complete this part of your journey; catch your breath during your drive to Chimpu Ridge, a true paradise where you can celebrate your accomplishments and prepare to create more memories during your last few days in this extraordinary world.

Departures dates for 2015 are July 4 and August 1, with custom dates available. Price starts at $5195 per person, based on 4-6 people. For more information, visit www.mythsandmountains.com.

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