Trek to Everest Base Camp from Tibet

Trek to Everest Base Camp from Tibet

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Trek to Everest Base Camp from Tibet
Myths and Mountains offer Alternative to Nepal!

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — Award-winning experiential tour operator Myths and Mountains, known for its culturally immersive itineraries, offers a great alternative route to trek to Everest Base Camp – from Tibet!

Visitors to the China, or Tibet, north side of Mt. Everest (29,029 feet), have one major advantage over those approaching the highest mountain in the world, from Nepal in the south: It’s possible to get to the North Base Camp by car! In fact, it’s possible to complete the whole journey to Base Camp from Lhasa (11,600 feet) or up the Friendship Highway from Nepal into Tibet by car.  If you want to trek, to Base Camp, most people start about 5 days away in Tingri and begin the trek to Everest from there.

The trail takes trekkers through hills and valleys; across meadows, streams and marshes; over the barren lands of Lamna La Pass, and past Zommug, the highest settlement in the Everest region, to Rongphu Monastery. From there the view of the Mt. Everest peak is spectacular!

The North Everest Base Camp is about a two-hour hike from the Monastery. Many tourists end their trips at Base Camp, but the Myths and Mountains’ trekking journey continues higher and higher, to the Japanese Camp (17, 913 feet), the Interim Camp (19,028 feet), and finally the Advanced Base Camp (20,800 feet). This is a challenging trek, but technical climbing skills and equipment are not needed.

There are four seasons in Tibet and weather patterns are unpredictable in these days of climate change.  It is possible to trek to North Base Camp in all seasons and some are better than others. Each season offers potential challenges with weather even with the best planning.

Spring up to Mid-June is an ideal time for clear views of Mt Everest; Mid-September to November, after the monsoon passes and before the harsh winter arrives, is another window of opportunity for magnificent views of Mt. Everest. The clouds have cleared, but there may be snow and the temperature can drop quite low.

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About Myths and Mountains

Veteran adventurer Dr. Antonia Neubauer founded Myths and Mountains in 1988 to foster intimate cross-cultural experiences, offering tours designed to take travelers to the very heart of the places they visit. The company’s mission to provide handcrafted, experiential journeys has created a solid place for Myths and Mountains in the adventure travel industry. They were named as Trusted Travel Experts on the 2016 Wendy Perrin WOW List; Allie Almario is the WOW expert for Ecuador and the Galapagos, while Dr. Neubauer is the WOW expert for Bhutan, Nepal and now Myanmar. Dr. Neubauer has also been Condé Nast Traveler’s Nepal Top Travel Specialist since 2011. They were named one of “50 Tours of a Lifetime” – National Geographic Traveler, 2013 and 2015. Myths and Mountains was presented the 2015 Legacy in Travel Philanthropy Award from Tourism Cares.

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