Trekking trips in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet

Trekking trips in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet

Nepal is Still Hot - but Bhutan and Tibet Are Hot on Its Trail
COMPANY: Myths and Mountains
CONTACT: Dr. Antonia Neubauer
TEL: 775-832-5454
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INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — Myths & Mountains offers many trekking trips in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet:

  •  Lo Manthang, the Solu Explorer, Kalapatar and Everest Base Camp, Rhythms of the Villages of Muktinath, Upper Dolpo, Around Annapurna (Nepal)
  • Trekking the Monasteries of Tibet and Everest Base Camp (Tibet),
  • Trekking the Old East-West Trade Route, The Lake Guardians and the Potato Farmers, Sacred Chomolhari (Bhutan)

Buzz within the travel industry suggests Nepal will be a hot destination IN 2010 AND BEYOND.  Follow the lead of Myths and Mountains’ founder, Dr. Antonia Neubauer, WHO pioneered trekking expeditions to this remote mountain country—so long in fact that she has become one of only a handful of Westerners fluent in Nepali.

“I have to laugh at this new trend. I mean, Nepal is where adventure travel was born,” said Dr. Neubauer upon hearing about Nepal’s so-called resurgence.

Nepal has been a big part of Dr. Neubauer’s life for many years and she has been sharing that with others on her trips through the Himalayas with Myths and Mountains. While other travelers focus on the physical challenges of trekking through Nepal, that’s all just part of the package for Neubauer. Hiking up and down the steep inclines of Nepal’s rugged terrain, learning about the environment, meeting people in the villages the tour passes through – that’s icing on the cake. The real core of these trips is to give adventurers the opportunity to learn something fascinating and then see it in action.

Yet, there is a consistent intrigue surrounding the spirituality, ancient cities, art and political disarray. Tibetan treks present the chance to experience a complete change in eco-systems in a singular area. Tours travel through semi-tropical Liang in the east all the way up onto the Tibetan Plateau. From then on, the group heads west to Lhasa, which is virtually a high desert.

Whether travelers are looking for a truly experiential trip or are ready to embark on their first adventure trek, Myths and Mountains are ready to take it to the next level.

For more information on READ trips or Myths and Mountains, contact Antonia Neubauer at (775) 832-5454.


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