Nature Air Celebrates Thirty Years of Service to Costa Rica

Nature Air Celebrates Thirty Years of Service to Costa Rica


Nature Air Celebrates Thirty Years of Service to Costa Rica
A new fleet of planes put into service

San José, Costa Rica – Nature Air was established in 1986 when the small regional airline was purchased by Alex Khajavi and this year celebrated thirty years of service. A whole new fleet of 19 seater Let 410 Expeditionary planes have been put into service providing access to thirteen destinations within Costa Rica and also Bocas del Toro, Panama and Managua, Nicaragua.

Rico, local Costa Rica publication reported an 87% increase in Nature Air’s passenger traffic over 2015.

(COSTA RICA) In country flights have been on the increase this year as more people every day in Costa Rica choose to take to the skies to avoid the worsening traffic congestion, this according to official data of domestic flights.

The two domestic airlines report and increase in flights this year over last year.

Sansa says it moved 110,000 people in 2015, an increase of 22% over 2014, according to the audited statistics of the Director General of Civil Aviation. Its rival, Nature Air reports moving 83,000 people in 2014.

In the first half of 2016, the airline saw a 87% increase over the same period last year, moving 58,800 passengers. Meanwhile, according to figures by Civil Aviation, Sansa only saw an increase of 67% over last year, mobilizing 74,300 people so far this year.

A flight on Nature Air provides the first chapter of an adventure in Costa Rica and Central America. Flying at 5,000 feet altitude, travelers have a birds-eye view of the landscape right below. Planes are fitted with expansive windows from which to view the mountains, volcanoes, jungle and beaches on their way to the final destination. The flight is an introduction to the coming experiences. Affordable rates, accommodating schedules and a gate at Juan Santamaria International Airport make a Nature Air flight the only choice to travel.

Nature Air Vacations can also plan your getaway to Costa Rica including romantic honeymoons or getaways, beach vacations or jungle stays. All packages include flights on Nature Air.

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