Great Wing Safari in Botswana’s Okavango Delta

Great Wing Safari in Botswana’s Okavango Delta

Great Safaris presents an air-based safari to NatGeo’s Award winning destination

GLENDALE, Cali. — Award-winning luxury safari outfitter Great Safaris provides unique access to Botswana in this Great Wing Safari – including time in the Okavango Delta, chosen as one of the world’s best trips by National Geographic Traveler Magazine in November.

Botswana is known as “Old Africa’s Last Refuge”… a never-never land where the beasts roam free as they have done for millennia. The landlocked nation is blessedly underdeveloped, thanks to the severe Kalahari Desert that blankets half the country under wind-blown sands. With a small human population (including some of the last remaining Bushmen), Botswana is truly a ‘wild’ safari destination.

National Geographic says “In a part of the world not given to small gestures and bland landscapes, Botswana's Okavango Delta still manages to leap out at a person as a singularly unlikely miracle. A massive fan of water that gets its start in rivers percolating out of the deciduous forests of Angola's highlands, the delta evaporates 200 miles later in the sands of the Kalahari Desert. This wilderness is one of the last places to see the Big Five of the traditional African safari: elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros. It so nearly wasn't.

By the 1900s, European and American hunters had killed almost all of the area's elephants, without which crucial channels in the delta silt up. But in the decades that followed, conservationists reversed the near collapse of this exquisitely balanced ecosystem and, in June 2014, UNESCO designated it a World Heritage site. Still, the designation will be meaningless unless the Angolan and Namibian governments also ensure that the rivers feeding the delta are protected.

The romantic intimacy of the delta is best explored in a guided mokoro (dugout canoe). Experienced this way, the Okavango is Venice with wildlife. The flash of a malachite kingfisher, the mocking shout of hippos, the cry of a hadada ibis—each is a reminder that without wilderness we are diminished, lonelier. We humans are a part of, not apart from, our rich, rare, and fragile world.” 

Great Safaris “Great Wing Safari” offers access to the unique landscapes, wildlife, camps and even the mokoros to take advantage of the spectacular destination. Two nights will be spent at each of three distinctly different Botswana camps that are unique in design and personality (most are tented) and are located in specific ecological enclaves that offer a smorgasbord of activities. “Water” camps specialize in wildlife activities aboard boats and mekoros (canoes). The fauna focus is birdlife, hippo, crocodiles and other wetland species. Often on the menu are exciting walking safaris. The “land” camps are seriously into the pursuit of the big land mammals. Open 4×4 vehicles allow you to get so close to the wildlife that you can leave your zoom lenses behind!

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