Tripsite Offers Alternative to Land-Based Cycling Tours

Tripsite Offers Alternative to Land-Based Cycling Tours

Bike and Barge tours explained

SPRINGVILLE, Pa. — If you’ve never heard of a Bike and Barge tour, you’re not alone. This unique new way to explore international destinations is based on an old means of transportation – on the water! While you may envision a rusted, flat-bottomed freight chugging commercial waterways, TripSite offers diverse cycling tours using barges that are converted and modernized freighters redesigned to accommodate the active traveler of today. On TripSite’s Bike and Barge tours, the barge is your floating hotel and the bike is your means to explore the countries and cultures you want to experience.

Much of the world’s history – and the continuity of man – is intertwined with its waterways; from prehistory to modern times, channels, rivers and seas have created boundaries between civilizations or have drawn them together. Water has carved out the landscapes upon which people have built their lives, culture and history. Bike and Barge tours allow you to connect with an era when water was the only lifeblood that flowed through the land, while also being able to cycle through picturesque landscapes and experience more local culture than most tourists could ever dream.

The experience provided on Bike and Barge tours is as varied as the vessel. Mornings typically begin with a hearty breakfast on board, then cyclists pack their own lunch and head out on the day’s biking adventure. Guests have the freedom to explore the surroundings on their own, riding through cities, along country roads and into charming, postcard-like scenes. Whether guided or self-guided, the itineraries allow for hours of immersion into the culture, history, sights and sounds of the destination.

The boat is your beacon at day’s end, already moored and waiting at the overnight port. Once on-board, it’s time to relax and compare notes with other guests then share a specially-prepared dinner with newfound friends. Later in the evening, there is time to depart your floating hotel and walk historic streets or relax under a canopy of stars.

Bike and Barge tours are generally eight days in length with many destinations to choose from. Seafarers can find selections ranging from the South China Sea to the Adriatic, Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian. If rivers are your thing, you will find tours on the mighty Danube, Rhine, Moselle, Saar and Seine. For those who want flower-filled canals, consider taking a barge tour in Holland, Belgium or France.

TripSite has numerous vessels in its repertoire, consisting of barges, refurbished Caique as well as modern ships. The smallest ship in their program has a capacity of 16 passengers and the largest accommodates 174 guests.

Bike and Barge tours offer unique accommodations, delicious food and great wine as well as exposure to local history, distinct cultures and exhilarating activities. Give this new (yet old) way to travel a try – you may find it to be the perfect way to experience a destination. Find more information about all of TripSite’s tours at


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