Small Town Charm, Bighorn Mountains and Endless Possibilities

Small Town Charm, Bighorn Mountains and Endless Possibilities

SHERIDAN, Wyo.— With the authentic western appeal of a small town nestled at the base of the majestic Bighorn Mountains, it’s no wonder Sheridan, Wyoming is gaining national recognition as a must-see destination in the US. The historic downtown is alive with culture, specialty shops and a twinkling nightlife, while the town as a whole is surrounded by tranquility and beautiful open skies.

Some of the nation’s most famous Native American battles took place in the Bighorn Mountains, a region that attracts history buffs with its rich past and cultural heritage. A treasure of the American West, Sheridan showcases the true meaning of western spirit and gives visitors a reason to explore the authentic western town with the entire family.

Sheridan has quickly become a top destination for outdoor enthusiasts, as well. Hiking, biking, paddling- you name it, Sheridan’s got it! In the winter, the freshly blanketed Bighorn Mountains glisten with snow as wildlife frolic in the fields, while the summer months echo with excitement as music festivals, world-class rodeos and family events contribute to a truly magical experience in the American West.

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