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Chartered Tours – Exclusive Bike and Barge Tours

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tripsite CONTACT: Nancy Harrison TEL: 307.421.4473 EMAIL: nharrison@adventuremedianews.com WEB: www.adventuremedianews.com   Tripsite offers Chartered Departures Exclusive Bike and Barge Tours   Springville, PA — Bike Tour curator, Tripsite offers the option of boat charters for 2016.  A great way to travel with a family or cycling club, boat charters provide an exclusive and unique way to travel. If you’ve never heard...
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Cologne to Bamburg

An Exciting Bike and Boat Tour along the Rhine and Main Rivers in Germany SPRINGVILLE, Pa. — Tripsite, the comprehensive marketplace for cycling and multi-sport tours in Europe and beyond, introduce an active vacation by bike and barge beginning in Germany’s oldest city, Cologne and ending in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bamburg. In between...
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Tripsite Offers Alternative to Land-Based Cycling Tours

Bike and Barge tours explained SPRINGVILLE, Pa. — If you’ve never heard of a Bike and Barge tour, you’re not alone. This unique new way to explore international destinations is based on an old means of transportation – on the water! While you may envision a rusted, flat-bottomed freight chugging commercial waterways, TripSite offers diverse...
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