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ExperiencePlus! Announces three new Expedition-style Tours for 2016

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – Award-winning bicycle tour operator ExperiencePlus! Have announced new tours for Expeditions Plus in 2016 and beyond. ExpeditionPlus! Tours is Bicycle exploration on a continental scale.

Unlike a “normal” ExperiencePlus! tour, Expeditions are all about covering expansive territory.  They’re about the challenge of pedaling across continents.  They include the best of a regular...
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Dramatic Sights and Rare Wildlife Abound in the Southeast Asian Wonderland of Borneo

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich.— Covered with the oldest rainforests on Earth, intricate river systems, massive caves and ruggedly gorgeous mountains, Borneo claims an impressive reputation for attracting the most avid of adventure travelers. As the third largest island in the world, Borneo is divided among three countries: Malaysia and Brunei in the north and Indonesia in...
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