Home Ranch: The ultimate destination for a Colorado culinary experience

Home Ranch: The ultimate destination for a Colorado culinary experience

CLARK, Colo. — For 25 years, Chef Clyde Nelson has dedicated his culinary talent to The Home Ranch, a luxury dude ranch just outside Steamboat Springs. Now that his vision of an on-site, sustainable farm has become a reality, General Manager and Executive Chef Nelson can share his farm-to-table philosophy with guests and make The Home Ranch the ultimate destination for a Colorado culinary experience.

“Our goal is to make each and every meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, a very fresh and perfectly prepared meal. At the end of [our guests’] stay … we hope that the total dining experience is greater than the sum of its parts, making for the best eating experience of their life,” declares Nelson.

For years, Chef Nelson dreamt of raising local, sustainable, high-quality livestock and vegetables in order to create simple and unpretentious farm-to-fork meals with fresh, pure ingredients gathered from their own property. This concept is reminiscent of his childhood days growing up on a small, two-acre farm in rural Connecticut.

“We raised chickens and rabbits, grew vegetables and beds of strawberries and raspberries and had a fruit tree orchard. At the time it seemed like a chore picking and harvesting in the summer months, but it must have had a profound effect that led me to a culinary career,” explains Nelson.

Home Ranch guests will partake in the daily harvest, washing and prepping the ingredients immediately used for their meals. Gathering eggs just steps away from the kitchen and just minutes away from becoming a breakfast omelet. To find out how to have a Colorado dude ranch experience to remember, visit www.homeranch.com or call 970-276-6231.

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