The Adventure Phenomenon of Bike and Boat Tours

The Adventure Phenomenon of Bike and Boat Tours


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The Adventure Phenomenon of Bike and Boat Tours
The best way to see Europe

Springville, PA— Tripsite’s various “bike and boat” tours throughout Europe are the best way to travel! The boat is a floating hotel and the bike is the means to pedal the back roads of countries and cultures. Providing comfortable accommodations, excellent food and drink, and an active vacation in a small group setting, bike and boat tours are a memorable adventure experience. All the popular routes in Europe are available from Tripsite; however if you are looking for a place to start - read

on, because this growing trend in adventure travelling is all the rage! Tripsite offers this description of their various offerings to help travelers navigate through the options.

“It really is as simple as biking by day and sleeping on a boat,” says Carla van den Henel-Sprout, partner at Tripsite. “The options are as varied as the individuals who seek out this unique experience.” There are generally three categories of bike and boat tours, based on the type of vessel used. There are different class levels, or comfort levels within each category, defined by the standard of accommodations.

Here are the options explained, a Biking and Boating 101 introductory course!

Bike and Barge Tours

The majority of bike and barge experiences are set in Holland and Belgium, whose histories are extrinsically linked to the seas, and the canals and waterways that connected the interiors to the ocean marketplaces. Barges are smaller and are specifically designed to maneuver small canals and tributaries. They can also be found in Germany and France.


  1. Amsterdam to Bruges
  2. Bruges to Amsterdam
  3. Provence Wilderness of Camargue
  4. Cologne to Bamberg

Bike and Boat Tours

In this category are larger river cruisers, such as on the tours offered along the Danube River, and smaller vessels with larger motors that can handle the smaller rivers of Germany and elsewhere. Also included in this category are the ships used in the open sea experiences, in for example, Croatia. Though some are designed with masts, the sails are not used for wind power, but for affect.


  1. Along the Danube, Four Country Tour
  2. Bordeaux – Chateaux, Rivers and Wine
  3. Dalmatia from Dubrovnik Plus

Bike and Sail

The majority of sailing adventures are true sailing experiences, complete with hoisted sails and wind-dependent itineraries. All have back up engines, of course.


  1. Bike and Sail Northern Ireland
  2. Bike and Sail the Frisian Sea
  3. Tyrrhenian Sea

“On all bike and boat tours, regardless of the type of vessel or size of the waterway, the emphasis is on the bike and the daily cycling itinerary,” explains Mary Zdancewicz, product manager at Tripsite. “Guests disembark each morning, cycle through the day, and return to the boat by mid to late afternoon to enjoy a refreshing dinner, camaraderie and meandering about the town where the boat is moored.”

The boats used on all biking and boating experiences are classed according to comfort level; ranging from comfort plus, the highest, to standard plus, the lowest. The friendly and helpful tour planners at Tripsite are always ready to help you understand the choices available and to book the trip that is just right for their guests.

“People on a shoestring take heart,” says Carla, “there are bike and boat tours to fit any budget!”

About Tripsite

We are different - We are not a broker. We are travelers working with travelers. We love to travel and we love to share. A genuine passion for cycling fueled our inception in 1999 and now continues to fuel our vision that travel should be more than a business, it should be a way of life. Our core principles remain deeply rooted in relationships – with clients, partners and each other. Our local partners showcase the cultures and areas they call home. They design the itineraries and we bring them to you. We want everyone, from the young to the old, from the foodies to the thrill seekers, to be able to find the perfect tour. As a marketplace, we can offer many choices, to many different types of travelers, to many destinations, and we stand by each and every one.

We are travelers, helping travelers. In the office, we have the seasoned travelers and those who have only one or two stamps in their passports. From giving personal advice before you depart, to providing assistance when you are traveling, we are dedicated to making your journey as seamless as possible. Service is at the heart of everything we do and everything we are. To view all tours

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