Cycling, Tulips, and Cheese!

Cycling, Tulips, and Cheese!


CONTACT: Nancy Harrison
TEL: 307.421.4473

Cycling, Tulips, and Cheese!
Beat the crowds - come early!

Springville, PA - Tripsite, the comprehensive marketplace for cycling tours to Europe, Asia and the World present one of their most popular tours – the Tulip Tour! This bike and boat tour through Holland during Tulip season, is bursting with colors and scents. The eight-day tour through Amsterdam weaves among millions of colorful bulbs which turn towards the sun, and blossom just for your visit! Acres upon endless acres of exquisite tulips transform ordinary fields into a colorful kaleidoscope! Having been grown in the Netherlands for more than 400 years, 1200 different varieties of these flowers are now harvested!

Highlights include:

  • Keukenhof - the world's flower garden
  • Aalsmeer - the world's flower auction
  • Leiden - birthplace of Rembrandt
  • Haarlem - center of the Dutch flower-growing district
  • Gouda - CHEESE!
  • Windmills, tulips, and more

Most people have no idea tulips were so highly prized in 17th-Century Netherlands, they sent stock markets soaring and markets crashing – creating “Tulip Mania”!  Today’s version of “Mania” invites you to come and be dazzled by the beauty. Tripsite has inside information on prime tulip season. Contact them today to book your tour to maximize the beauty and avoid the crowds.

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