Chartered Tours – Exclusive Bike and Barge Tours

Chartered Tours – Exclusive Bike and Barge Tours



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Tripsite offers Chartered Departures

Exclusive Bike and Barge Tours


Springville, PA — Bike Tour curator, Tripsite offers the option of boat charters for 2016.  A great way to travel with a family or cycling club, boat charters provide an exclusive and unique way to travel. If you’ve never heard of a Bike and Barge Tour, you are not alone – and it’s the hottest new trend in travel. Barges used by Tripsite are converted freighters redesigned to accommodate the active traveler of today. Also utilized are actual ships which are large enough to subdue the Mighty Danube and other historical European Rivers.  Open sea ships are specifically built for cyclists, refurbished Caciques or traditional fishing vessels.  The smallest ship in their programs have a capacity of 16 passengers and the largest holds 174.


The experience provided on Bike and Barge Tours is as varied as the vessel. Bike and Boat tours are generally 8 days in length; destinations are many!  Seafarers can find selections ranging from the South China Sea to the Adriatic, Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian.  If rivers are your thing you will find tours on the mighty Danube, Rhine, Moselle, Saar, Seine, barge tours In Holland, Belgium or France. The freedom to explore the surroundings allows participants to ride through cities, along country roads and charming scenes.  Whether guided or self-guided the day provides hours to immerse themselves into the culture, history sights and sounds of the destination.


Booking one of the Tripsite Chartered departures assures guests the exclusive use of the boat or barge. Traveling with family or members of a cycling club makes the experience even more special as you share a wine tasting, dinner or ride; tour a museum or historic site with friends and family.  These trips require plenty of lead time with Tripsite making all arrangements.


Tripsite is your comprehensive marketplace for cycling holidays in Europe, Asia & beyond, showcasing hundreds of tours for the discerning cyclist, including bike and boat tours, bike tours, and multi adventure tours. Offering a diverse portfolio, there are tours to fit any budget, from luxury to value and tours to suit any interest including history, culture, and gastronomy. Tailored made tours are possible as well! Tripsite has been family owned and operated since 1999 and is renowned for their unsurpassed customer service and extensive knowledge of every tour they offer.   Contact a member of the Tripsite team. Your perfect cycling vacation awaits!



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