Tripsite – Travelers working with Travelers

Tripsite – Travelers working with Travelers


Tripsite – Travelers working with Travelers
Here’s what sets them apart!

Tim Cahill, travel writer and author wrote, “A journey is best measured in friends, not miles.” Tripsite is committed to providing this type of experience to each traveler who comes their way.

Springville, PA —Tripsite and its team of bike tour specialists faithfully maintain the same values their founder Hennie van den Hengel modeled 17 years ago, when she, along with daughter Gea, created the company. It was important to her to focus on relationships – with clients, partners and colleagues. Many of the staff at Tripsite are family members or have become like family and all share the vision Hennie had in 1999.

A Passion for Travel – Everyone on the team loves to travel and that passion fuels their vision. They believe travel is not simply indulging, but more, it is engaging, with people, cultures and destinations. Tripsite features tours from local partners who design the itineraries and showcase the cultures and areas they call home. Everyone, from young to old, from foodie to thrill seekers, will be able to find the perfect tour.

Quality - The opportunity to explore and discover should not just be available to a few thus Tripsite offers quality and economy. As a marketplace, they can offer many choices, to many different types of travelers, to many destinations. Their partners are as enthusiastic and committed as they are.

Customer Service – The goal is to provide the best customer service in the adventure travel industry; to be sincere, transparent and genuine in business and travel and to foster loyal relationships with clients and partners.

Tripsite’s Mission is “to provide an opportunity for every traveler to explore the world and enjoy the journey, one pedal stroke at a time.”

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About Tripsite

Tripsite is your comprehensive marketplace for cycling holidays in Europe, Asia & beyond, showcasing hundreds of tours for the discerning cyclist, including bike and boat tours, bike tours, and multi adventure tours. Offering a diverse portfolio, there are tours to fit any budget, from luxury to value and tours to suit any interest including history, culture, and gastronomy. Tailored made tours are possible as well! Tripsite has been family owned and operated since 1999 and is renowned for their unsurpassed customer service and extensive knowledge of every tour they offer. Contact a member of the Tripsite team. Your perfect cycling vacation awaits! To view all trip options

CONTACT: Nancy Harrison
TEL: 307.421.4473

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