Encounters with Exotic Wildlife – Wild Planet Adventures Delivers

Encounters with Exotic Wildlife – Wild Planet Adventures Delivers


Worldwide Wildlife Expeditions
Wild Planet Adventures Delivers Encounters with Exotic Wildlife

CA–Wild Planet Adventures is a multi-award-winning wildlife travel company with over 27 years’ experience arranging wildlife eco-tours and safaris all over the world.  Viewing wildlife in their natural habitat is one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences of a lifetime. When it comes to planning a wildlife tour, choosing the best travel company is the single most important decision travelers make.  That’s where Wild Planet Adventures can shine – wildlife is what they do – it’s all they do!  In creating specialized wildlife-focused tours; their unique itineraries incorporate specially arranged wildlife activities, exclusive wildlife viewing opportunities, small groups, top naturalist or biologist guides, and itineraries designed to offer the best possible access to the most coveted animals of each region.

Iconic wildlife destinations served by Wild Planet Adventures include:

  1. View and interact with the endangered Mountain Gorillas of Uganda, featuring the travel industry’s only 4-hour Gorilla permit (all other permits are only for 1 hour)
  2. Zambia’s Ultimate Wildlife Safari provides access to lion, leopard, wild dog, cheetah, buffalo, elephant, giraffe, featuring walking, canoeing and jeep safaris, without the crowds of East Africa.
  3. Combine Brazil’s Amazon and Pantanal where Wild Planet averages 1.5 jaguar sightings per day, plus special expeditions to see rare primates, anaconda, giant anteater, puma and hyacinth macaws.
  4. Thailand and Laos Wildlife Adventures for elephants, leopards, sun bears and primates, featuring the only wildlife expeditions into both Kaeng Krachan and Klong Seang, the 2 best national parks in Thailand for wildlife viewing!
  5. India’s rarely seen tigers as well as leopards, jungle cat, and striped hyena
  6. Costa Rica’s “Veranito” season trips for bird watching, primates and cats like jaguarondi, puma
  7. Borneo’s Weird & Wonderful Wildlife, featuring Orangutans in the wild, with special expeditions to see Borneo’s famous “gliders” and 13 primate species including tiny tarsiers and slow loris. Wild Planet also offers the only wildlife tours in the famous “Lost World” of Borneo.
  8. Insiders Africa to view extremely rare animals such as meerkats, pangolin, aardvark, aardwolf, rhinos, cheetah and more.

The Wild Planet Advantage offers many special touches on their tours. Examples include staying in tree houses accessible only by zip lines; authentic tracking with expert guides using advanced tracking skills, not radios, to track wildlife; jeep and walking safaris for a more intimate experience, remote locations; sustainable and responsible safaris which are designed to benefit the local communities, provide an unparalleled experience for visitors and protection of the wildlife and their habitat.

Count on Wild Planet Adventures and their years of experience in planning the best trip. Their expert Planning Specialists will guide you through the many options available to help build a very personal journey -  an inspiring trip that will remain in memories forever.

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About Wild Planet Adventures

In 1991 Wild Planet Adventures began as a small company, originally called InnerQuest Adventures, with a passion for nature travel and its power to transform lives. They never imagined our passion would be shared by so many! Today their wildlife eco-tours are widely recognized as the ultimate adventures for wildlife enthusiasts. Their blend of remote destinations, exclusive wildlife-viewing activities, and top naturalist guides offers the best possible chance to see rare animals in the wild. No other company's itineraries will expose participants to so much wildlife!

Choosing the travel company that can deliver a dream "Trip of a Lifetime" is the most important decision travelers make in planning their trip. There are many choices available; Wild Planet Adventures take the trust in deciding to travel with Wild Planet very seriously. Travelers can always find tours that are cheaper, and those that are far more expensive, but they are confident that none will offer the combination of wildlife expertise, non-commercial destinations, exclusive activities, distinctive lodging, and overall value that they are known for. Discover the 26 years of experience evident in even the smallest details of a trip. It is this level of care that ensures guests will have the finest and most memorable "Trip of a Lifetime" possible.

Wild Planet Adventures
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